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ACT English: Grammar


Learn the 50+ grammar rules that the ACT tests on. This section covers both the basics, like punctuations and verb tenses and the advanced strategies required to answer even the hardest questions.

ACT English: Rhetorics


Learn specific strategies that you can use to answer all the rhetorical questions that are asked on the ACT English section.

ACT Reading


Learn concepts and strategies to ensure that you not only know how to approach an ACT reading passage but also attack all the 6 question types tested on the ACT Reading Test.

ACT Math Basics


Learn the basics of ACT Math all in one place, including calculator usage, avoiding silly mistakes, number properties, and more.

ACT Math Algebra and Functions


Learn step-by-step methods that will directly produce answers to algebra and function questions. This section covers concepts and techniques to help you with some of the hardest concepts tested on the ACT like linear equations, quadratic expressions, and graphing functions.

ACT Math Problem Solving


Learn all about complex numbers word problems, probability and statistics. Includes lots of pro tips to help you get mastery on each concept.

ACT Math Geometry


Learn how to answer ACT geometry questions like a pro. See exactly how to answer geometry, coordinate plane and trigonometry based questions.

ACT Science


Learn all about how to approach the Science section, the different passage types on the Science sections, and the question types that appear on the ACT Science test.

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